What planned giving professionals are saying about BIPS

BIPS clients come from all kinds of nonprofits, from large, well-known institutions to more localized organizations.

One thing unites, them – unqualified enthusiasm for BIPS.

Here are just a few of the many positive responses we have received:

Edie Hamilton, Assistant Director of Development/Foundation Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas

“Most planned giving officers are so wrapped up in moving donors toward committing to planned gifts; they don’t stop to think about the process of collecting the assets of these gifts. Susan Dame Greene’s Implementing an Effective Estate Administration Program to Increase Your Bottom Line seminar outlined the process of expediting planned gifts while building relationships with professional advisors – the very people we seek to educate about our organizations to enhance our planned gift programs,” says Edie Hamilton, CFRE, of Corpus Christi, Texas. “The steps Susan outlines in the process are very easy to follow – she even includes samples letters that anyone can use for each step of the process.”

Mary Todd Hardeman, Co-dean, NSFRE Fund Raising Days in Washington, D.C.

Recently, I had the privilege of serving as dean of the Major Gifts & Planned Giving track for the annual Fund Raising Days in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (Greater Washington, D.C., Area Chapter). Mr. Susan DameGreene kindly consented to give a presentation on setting up and running a planned giving program in a small shop—in the dreaded after-lunch-settle-back-for-a-snooze time slot.

Not only did Susan keep the audience awake—she also engaged the enthusiastic audience in a fun, information-rich session. In a fast-paced, interactive exchange, Susan gave valuable guidelines and tips for fund-raisers on identifying, cultivating, soliciting, thanking, and maintaining contact with prospective donors—when planned giving represents only part, half, or all of the fundraisers’ responsibilities. …A painless way to get a quick “how to” on setting up and running a planned giving program.

Diane HutsonDiane Hutson, Director of Planned Giving at Union Rescue Mission

“I brag about BIPS all the time everywhere I go… I’m a believer!!! It has been and continues to be a lifesaver to me…many times over.

“Just today when I had an executor call me, I knew that the name sounded familiar, but went into BIPS while on the phone and immediately sorted and pulled up the file by executor’s name. It sure helps my memory! (and besides, I make each person feel important because I seemingly know each one by name and what estate they represent!)”

Debra AshtonDebra Ashton, author of The Complete Guide to Planned Giving, and well-known speaker and consultant on planned giving.

“If you are running a mature bequest program that has as few as 6 to 10 or as many as 100 or more bequests in distribution at any one time, you will want to check into BIPS software created by Susan DameGreene.”

Karen A. AmicoKaren A. Amico, Senior Associate Director, Office of Trusts and Estates, U. of Rochester

“My time at BIPS training was very well-spent. While you walk away with a thorough understanding of BIPS’ functionality (which is comprehensive and extremely user-friendly), you gain an equally important knowledge base regarding the marketing and administration of planned gifts. Susan DameGreene’s wealth of experience provides a hands-on perspective. Susan and her entire team could not be more customer-oriented, and take a genuine interest in their clients. I had several failed attempts to travel to Salem for training, and Susan made it a point to call me and spent over an hour “introducing” me to BIPS. That kind of support is priceless.”

Jim B. PotterJim B. Potter, Planned Giving Consultant

“You will want to check out BIPS which now monitors ALL planned gifts. You can download a full functioning, but limited number of gifts demo program and test it out on a small number of gifts… its functionality is the best (actually the ONLY) similar software out there. It is unique and very good. Its degree of “automation”, calculation of future expectancies and Report Writing is outstanding.”

(Jim died suddenly of a heart attack in March 2006. BIPS sponsors a scholarship in his memory at the NCPG yearly conference)

Scotty AbneyScotty Abney, Admin. Assistant in the Office of Financial Affairs at Berea College

“Before BIPS, it was extremely difficult for me to manually maintain reports on our large number of estate files. Now I can generate just about any type of report in seconds. I love having all the information at my fingertips without having to pull a file. The support staff are wonderful!”

Wally MunroWally Munro, Director of Planned Giving at the Actors Fund of America

“Divine providence has intervened at last! With BIPS and BIPS training, my planned giving program is much better organized and productive. At last, all the information I need on bequests is in one place. Thank Heavens for BIPS!”