Why your Non-profit should use BIPS

ping symbolHere are three good reasons right off the bat:

  1. Track more income BIPS produces auto alerts and your own alerts to guide you through the stewarding and collection process
  2. Save time Focus on Planned Giving and leave the stewarding, reporting, and collection of Bequests and Planned Gifts to your admin assistant and BIPS
  3. Simplify accounting BIPS automatically manages the accounts for Bequests and Planned Gifts

You know you should be on top of the paperwork, but who has the time or the resources to keep track of it all?

You will . . . by using BIPS!

With BIPS and BIPS Training my Planned Giving program is much better organized and productive. All the information I need on Bequests and Planned Gifts is all in one place.”

- Wally Munro, Director of Planned Giving, The Actors Fund of America

Manage Planned Gifts and generate new ones in the process

BIPS planned giving software enables you to take the charm and professionalism you use to solicit Bequests or other Planned Gifts and apply it to collecting and managing those gifts – and to generate new ones in the process!

Here are some more benefits BIPS clients enjoy:

  • Collection of gifts becomes proactive rather than reactive, often resulting in early distribution of funds
  • With BIPS and BIPS training it is not uncommon to experience a 10 – 30% increase in cash in the door in the first year
  • All gifts are managed from one central resource, greatly reducing the potential for lost income and/or embarrassment resulting from a manually maintained program
  • Executors, attorneys, and trustees are impressed by the sensitivity and efficiency with which the gifts are managed – they become allies in collecting them and, later, can be advocates for new gifts
  • Next of kin and other beneficiaries appreciate the way they are treated by the program, greatly increasing the chances that they too will become donors
  • By developing a reputation as caring and efficient stewards of the gifts you receive, it becomes much easier to campaign for new gifts further afield

With so many benefits can your Non-profit afford to be without this remarkable planned giving tool?

What next?

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