BIPS - A software solution that efficiently tracks, collects and reports all Bequests and Planned Gifts

BIPS is an easy-to-use program that proactively manages the entire process of planned giving from stewarding and projecting future Planned Gifts to collecting realized Planned Gifts.

Managing this process can be difficult, time-consuming, and tedious – and take precious resources away from your principal Planned Giving work, but BIPS makes it all simple

Non-profits of all sizes are using BIPS to help them manage their Bequests and Planned Gifts.

With BIPS you will be able to:

  • Project future Planned Gifts with actuarial accuracy
  • Calculate the present value as required by FASB and AICPA
  • Streamline collections with easy-to-use proactive steps
  • Generate cash-flow analysis
  • Create customized letters from templates for Donors, Attorneys, Executors, Trustees, Relatives, and more

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From the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Adrian Sargeant, says, “Right now, if you don’t make a will, on average you will die at age 69. If you make a will you will die at an average age of 79. By contrast, if you make a will and include a legacy to a charity you will die at an average age of 82. It’s a case for support to die for.”

How to Deal with
the Dead Ones;
Bequest Administration

An interview with Susan DameGreene. Read about the tips she gives on how to collect more bequests for your organization! 20120702_142039.pdf [1.84units_m]

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